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Our work

MelIA and Data is a company specialized in Data Analytics and Artificial Intelligence. Our primary goal is to help other companies make the most of their data, providing them with valuable insights and AI-based solutions to improve their decision making and gain a competitive advantage.


All our solutions are based on Cloud technology.

- Google Cloud Platform

-Amazon Web Service

-Microsoft Azure Cloud

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Artificial intelligence

We help in the technical implementation of AI-based solutions, from the integration of tools and platforms to the development of algorithms and the launch of systems. This may include setting up data infrastructures, selecting appropriate algorithms, and creating processing pipelines.

Data Analytics

We use advanced data analysis techniques to examine large volumes of information and extract valuable insights. This includes the processing of structured and unstructured data, as well as the use of machine learning algorithms and data mining techniques.

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Business Intelligence

We help organizations analyze and visualize large volumes of data, using data analysis techniques and advanced visualization tools. This allows you to obtain valuable information from data and make evidence-based decisions.

Predictive modeling

Using machine learning algorithms, we create predictive models that help companies anticipate future outcomes and make proactive decisions. These models can be applied in various fields, such as risk analysis, market demand, customer segmentation, and operations optimization.

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We help companies implement and migrate their existing databases to cloud technology environments. We evaluate your needs and design an efficient migration strategy, minimizing downtime and ensuring data integrity during the process.

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