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MelIA and Data

Inspire smart decisions with our Artificial Intelligence and Data & Analytics


MelIA and Data we are a company professional who provides specialized services in the field of data management, analysis and strategy. We offer a wide range of services to help organizations make the most of their data and gain valuable insights for decision-making.

MelIA and Data specialized in providing services related to the implementation, development and optimization of AI-based solutions. We work closely with organizations to help them realize the full potential of AI and use it effectively to drive business growth and efficiency.

Artificial intelligence and data as drivers of your business growth

Business process optimization

Cloud technology services

Data processing

AI and with Data & Analytics can analyze existing business processes and find areas for improvement.

- Google Cloud Platform

-Amazon Web Service

-Microsoft Azure Cloud

Help your company or solution make more informed and data-driven decisions, which in turn can improve the effectiveness of operations and increase competitiveness.


By analyzing customer data, AI can identify individual patterns and preferences, allowing companies to tailor their offerings and provide more personalized experiences.

Data-driven decision making

Businesses generate large volumes of data, and AI can quickly analyze it to identify patterns, trends, and hidden insights.


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